MOVIE REVIEW: Miracles From Heaven

Miracles from Heaven asks you to imagine this: You are 10 years old but your body suddenly can’t digest anything, there is massive pain and your tummy bloats up like a pregnant woman’s.

There is constant misdiagnosis, needles, tubes, blood drawing. No known cure exists. It would take a miracle to make this go away. What if you got one? And this is exactly the story of Anna Beam.

Mommy, It Hurts!

miracles from heaven

Young Anna Beam (Kylie Rogers) wakes up vomiting and in great pain. Her mom Christy (Jennifer Garner) and dad Kevin (Martin Henderson) rush her to the hospital but the doctors chalk it down to acid reflux or bad indigestion and send her home several times, until it gets worse and her tummy bloats up like that of a pregnant woman.

Despite what seems like a hopeless diagnosis, her devoted mom relentlessly searches for a way to save her beloved daughter

A Better Diagnosis

miracles from heaven 3

Since Kevin has just used the house to borrow some money in order to expand his large animal vet practice, the family has little money to spend on medical expenses. Finally, a doctor diagnoses that Anna has pseudo-obstruction motility disorder (a rare intestinal disease) and antral hypo motility disorder (a stomach paralysis).

The only doctor who might help her is overloaded with patients and is in far away Boston. When it appears that Christy would not be able to get Anna to see him, she decides that she wouldn’t take No for an answer as the pressure of her daughter’s ordeal start to make her question her strong Christian faith, even as Anna’s pain gets worse.

She ultimately finds a way to take Anna to Boston.

Anna and Christy Meet Angela

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In Boston, Christy and Anna meet a wonderfully kind waitress named Angela (Queen Latifah) who shows them around, taking Anna’s mind off her pain, as Christy continually begs  Dr. Nurko (Eugenio Derbez) and his staff to take Anna on as a patient. Finally, she is taken on. There are new drugs but they are expensive, and dad, Kevin has to sell his motorcycle and work even longer hours to settle the medical bill.

Still in enormous pain, Anna just wants to die and go home to Jesus, and it is at this point that Christy loses her faith.

The Fall That Changed Everything

miracles from heaven 4

The new drugs work well enough for Anna to go home but she is far from cured. Trying to behave normally, she climbs a huge hollow tree together with her sister and falls in the process, falling head first inside the hollow tree, straight down to the bottom and knocking herself unconscious.

Anna, though survives the fall, but what happened to her after she got out will have you reaching for your tissue. Will her disease get worse, better or will she be cured? Will the family remain faith-based? Do miracles really happen in our day?

Whatever your beliefs, you will sure find this story of family, faith, trying circumstances and hope tugging at the heartstrings of your humanity; whatever conclusions you reach, it will remind you that we are more alike than we are different because we all are connected by the same emotions -love, sadness, hope, and the others that you come up with.

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