How Much Information About Yourself Should You Share With Others?

The answer to the question in the title is that it depends. If the information involves the safety or well-being of others, then you will want to tell the person as soon as possible.

But just what kind of information should you go about sharing, and with whom? It’s kind of hard not to tell fellow students things about your private life. After all, these are the people with whom you spend at least eight hours a day, five days a week. You are practically living with them—you spend more time with your school mates than you do with your own family. If you don’t talk to them about things that bother you, you may well lose your mind!

1. Find a Secret Keeper

There may be something that weighs heavy on your mind which you would love to share with another person to lighten the burden, yet not want to make an item for public consumption. You could tell one or two persons who are really close to you, and whom you are very sure can keep a secret and are dependable. You shouldn’t share this with people who do not have an interest in keeping your secret; not only is it a disadvantage for you, it is an unfair burden on those ones.

2. Be Careful Whom You Speak To
There are several reasons for not sharing personal information with your schoolmates. One, you may not want to burden them. Two, you may not trust certain people to keep your secret. There are such people around, and we all know someone like this, who will think nothing of talking about you.
Some people are very matter-of-fact about it, and just assume there’s nothing wrong with telling others whatever you told them. Others are malicious and intend to cause harm by spreading information. And by the time you find out you have shared your story with the wrong person, it’s usually too late.

There are other reasons though, for keeping personal information private. Let’s explore some of these.

You Don’t Want To Expose Your Belly

When you share personal information, especially information that shows your weaknesses, you may be exposing your belly to others. If your position at school requires you to exhibit some measure of authority and control, such as a prefectural position, you may be showing just the opposite by sharing certain information.

For example, a student being considered for prefect will benefit from having an image of good conduct, honesty, academic soundness, and good interpersonal skills. How might your recent disclosure to your classmates that you attended a weekend house party at Bobo’s house, that his father returned unexpectedly to the illegal shindig, called the police and your parents who in turn made you all write under-taking notes that you will not be a part of such ever again, affect your chances for prefect?

In such a situation, a wise person would ensure that he keeps the details of what happened private, while ensuring that the promise of the under-taking is not broken, and depend instead on his/her family for support.

A Fish Gets Caught Because It Opens Its Mouth

By talking too much, you may hurt yourself. And like a famous adage goes: “How does a fish get caught? The reply is always: By opening its mouth!”  It is always important to maintain some privacy when you have to.

Keep It Close To Your Vest

As mentioned earlier, revealing too much about yourself may give people the wrong impression or rather an impression you don’t want them to have.

If it is a thing of pride, you may go ahead and share the joy. If it is a thing of privacy (family problems, etc.) keep it to yourself. But if it’s too much for you to handle alone, find somebody you trust to keep a confidence (such as a religious leader, professional counsellor, a trusted adult or teacher), to discuss such things.

As with anything else, you are the only one who can decide what, and how much information you want to share with your others. Do what you need to do, as long is it doesn’t put you at a disadvantage.

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