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Music Can Help You Do Better In School. Did You Know?

Have you noticed how your body turns down when you listen to slow tempo music especially at night – what most people call night jams? And how your body is kicked into overdrive, when at a party, the speakers blare out one fast tempo song after another? You just want to get up and shake your body, it never seems to be enough!

What you experienced on those two occasions are evidence of the power music has on you. Music can actually affect how you act, think and feel. But there’s more. Read on.

1. It Improves Mental Capacity

A 1993 study on “the Mozart effect” showed that listening to Mozart could improve standardized test scores. However, it’s not just classical music that has this effect. One of the researchers in the Mozart effect study, Frances Rauscher, explained that the key to it is that you have to enjoy the music. If you hate Mozart, you’re not going to find a Mozart effect. So, if you love Patoranking, you’re going to find a Patoranking effect!

A certain architectural student who graduated top of his class and set, avers that he simply got more into his brain whenever he listened to country western music – which was his favourite brand of music.

2. It Can Improve Your Mood

But only if you want it to! According to research published in the Journal of Positive Psychology, if you want to be happier, and listen to a song that is positive and upbeat, you will definitely be happier! Don’t you just feel all gooey inside listening to John Legend’s “All of You”, and joyous when you listen to Pharrel Williams “Happy”?  Further, it causes the release of a feel good hormone called Dopamine.

3. It Can Help You Recollect Memories

Dopamine, released when listening to music can also help you recollect certain memories. Ever wondered why you can sing along to the entire lyrics of Korede Bello’s songs? Or remember something you learned at school because you learnt it as a song, even as far back as nursery school? And not only do you remember them, they are accompanied with vivid memories too.

4. It Can Make Your Skin Crawl – In a Good Way!

Just imagine your favourite song suddenly coming up unexpectedly on Trace, a radio station, or your own playlist. Instantly your spirits are up, and your skin seems to perk up, and if it could speak, it would definitely say “This is dope!”

5. It Can Help You Exercise Longer

Listening to music can lead to increased physical capacity and performance. Haven’t you noticed how boring, and tiresome activities become more endurable once we pop our headphones on, and drown ourselves in music? Trust me, it works like magic especially when I have to work around the house, time just seems to whiz past! Experts also believe that music with 180 beats/minute is the best tempo for running.

6. It Affects Your Blood Pressure

Depending on the genre of music you listen to, your blood pressure can rise or fall when you jam. Fast paced music will definitely increase your blood pressure, while slow music will bring it down. While Classical music results in a decrease in blood pressure and lower heart rate, rock and pop music do not have any noticeable effect on blood pressure.

Did you notice the truth in them? As a music lover, I most certainly did!

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