Parents have a great amount of influence on the way the life of their children turns out. This is true considering that the background of the child eventually shapes the lenses through which he/she sees the world and life generally.

It is undeniable that peer pressure may also affect the type of choices and decisions that the child makes. However, a child falling to peer pressure may be evidence of the parent’s failure to play their role effectively in the child’s life.

Research shows that students’ motivation and enthusiasm towards learning greatly depreciate when the parents or guardians show uncooperative behavior.

The role of a parent includes guardianship. Unfortunately, several parents have left the bulk of this responsibility, to school teachers alone. This could be a result of a faulty belief that parents’ responsibility in their child’s education and upbringing is more of the provision of funds than anything else.

This, however, is not right.

Three (3) Ways parents can influence their ward’s academic success positively

1. Making the child see the value and implications of academic success.
This is more like setting images before the child, contrasting the endpoint of academic success and academic failures yet guiding the child to make the right choice.

2. Modelling the life and endpoint you desire for your child.
Kids learn quickly from who/what they see, watch and listen to. If I want my kids to be avid readers, I don’t only need to encourage them to read books, I also need to model it, they need to see me reading and enjoying the practice before they adjust to it.

3. Providing Emotional Support for your child.

Every child needs emotional support. When a child gets back home from the stress of school, having lots of assignments and homework to do, the support and care of the parent are of utmost need then.

Children need to be trained on how to handle stressful situations and circumstances. One of the pivotal ways is by providing emotional support to them, making time to walk them through their academic homework and assignment.

In conclusion, kids can exceed the expectations of people and become successful if they receive all the support they need, especially from their parents.

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