PENILE ERECTION: All Your Questions Answered

Erections are a healthy part of a man’s life, and an adolescent boy’s development; and it is normal to ask questions about it. What causes it? Is it normal to have one in the morning? Does it ever become abnormal? What if I don’t have one? What exactly does it mean? Let’s consider the details together.

What’s an erection?

Your friends might call it any number of slang terms, but what they are all referring to is an erection. Erections occur when the penis fills with blood, and stretches in shape and in size. Erections can last just a couple of minutes or much longer depending on the stimulation involved.

Why do guys get erections?

For most of the day, your penis is in a flaccid state (meaning it is soft). Erections can occur for any number of reasons, but are usually triggered by some sort of sexually arousing thoughts or stimulation. Young men typically begin getting erections during puberty as a normal part of sexual development. Guys may also experience erections during their sleep, which can sometimes result in a “wet dream,” – this occurs if one ejaculates while sleeping.

What can I do to stop an erection?

Sometimes you might get an erection when you least expect it! Relax – this is a normal part of healthy development. Guys can get erections even if they are not thinking about anything sexual. If this happens to you, try to get your mind on something else other than what’s happening in your pants. If you are in a public place with people around you, try discretely readjusting your pants or shirt to cover yourself. If all else fails, excuse yourself to use the bathroom.

Some Quick Facts

  1. Most healthy men often wake up in the morning with an erection. “Morning wood” and “Morning tent” are slang terms for this. Men have several erections a night as part of their sleep cycle. It’s normal to wake up and find they are still erect.
  2. A man’s penis becomes erect in response to sexual arousal and excitement, but it can also become erect as a result of deep relaxation, such as that experienced in deep sleep called REM (rapid eye movement) — a period of sleep during which you dream.
  3. An erection is caused by a rush of blood to the penis. A man’s penis — especially that of a young man — can also become erect without any kind of arousing stimulation; this is known as “spontaneous erection.”
  4. The male testosterone level is at its highest in the early morning during restful sleep, usually built up during the night. Many times, it has to do with what you are dreaming about — males can be aroused in their sleep and have a nocturnal emission (wet dream).
  5. Many people are not aware of the fact that erections do not just serve sexual purposes; they also are a source of increased blood supply to the penis, so the male body will have several erections at night just to keep the penis healthy, since the cells of the body get much needed nutrients for production and repair from blood circulation
  6. Waking usually occurs after a session of Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep. Just about everyone gets an erection during REM sleep, while they are dreaming. That’s why you often wake up from a dream with an erection.

Did we provide answers to all your questions? Any that was left out? Do reach out to us concerning this, or speak to your doctor about it.

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