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#PNN E-Mentoring (Taiwo Akinlami): Personal Safety/Self Protection For Teenagers: Guidelines To Responses (5)

I am glad to be here today to continue the discussion how you can protect yourself from Physical abuse/bullying/Cyber-bulling/Kidnapping. Last week, I shared three points before I rested my case. Today, Permit me without much ado, to share three more points and rest my case finally on this matter.

IV. Do not fight back except in self-defence: once you fight back in response to bullying, you equate yourself with your attacker and you lose your right to complain. Besides fighting back also increases the number of casualties and may increase your chance of vulnerability as you may not be prepared to respond both mentally and physically. In most cases, your attackers are few steps ahead of you mentally and physically, particularly, where the attack is premeditated. Therefore, make it your value not to pay evil with evil and your habit not to engage anyone in physical battle or embrace violence no matter the provocation. However, where it is necessary for you to defend yourself, distract your attacker and create a fair chance of escape, you may need to put up a fight. Please note that the purpose of the fight in this instance is not to revenge or take laws into your hands. It is to create room for an escape.

V. Define the purpose why you are on Social Media: to prevent abuse on social media, it is important that you define from the beginning the purpose of using the internet and joining a social media. The truth is that purpose preserves you. Purpose is an antidote to excessive use of the internet and social media platform. Where there is excessive use of the internet or social network, being abused is inevitable. I think the question, you must ask yourself as you get on the internet is why am I here right now? What am I here to do and for how long? The internet is a two-edge sword. It can kill or make alive, depending on how you use it. It can be a platform for your protection and also a platform for your abuse, depending on where you go where you arrive on the internet.

VI. Do not befriend, follow or accept a stranger in any Social Media Network: strangers are strangers, whether you meet them physically or virtually on the social media. A stranger simply means someone, whose character you cannot vouch for. It worse on the internet, where people play a lot of pranks in relation to their identity. A young man nearly lost his life and another did, when they met a guy on the internet, who pretended to be a woman. I charge you to only befriend people you know and if you are going to engage any person always create the boundaries in your mind and communicating with the person. Make you clear position, first to yourself and the person you engage that when they become abusive you will leave and disengage. I blocked someone from my twitter account at the weekend because he was becoming abusive in his interaction.

I think I should sign out here. I will return next week by God’s grace to share other tips with you. Remember, I am available on this platform for interaction. Do have an INSPIRED week Stay SMART!

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