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#PNN E-Mentoring (Taiwo Akinlami): Personal Safety/Self Protection For Teenagers – Guidelines To Responses (6)

Sure you are doing well today. I am doing extremely well. The Lord has been my strength and salvation. I thank Him for granting me the strength to be here today continuing this long but important journey.

Today, I will be sharing with you my last points on how to prevent Physical abuse/bullying/Cyber-bulling/Kidnapping.

1. Do not send inappropriate pictures of yourself to friends and strangers: many have become miserable and abused when the pictures they shared with friends when the going was good are used against them when the going goes wrong or wrong. I do not think you should take nude pictures in the first instance, not to talk of sharing same with any one for any reasons. I charge you to treat yourself with decency, dignity and respect. The truth is that nobody can mess you up without your active or passive consent. Unfortunately in matters of abuse, whether your consent is active or passive, it has enough impact to drown you. When is your consent passive? When you condone abuse for whatever reason without any form of resistance on your part for different reasons, including fear, intimidation or just being carefree. When do you give active consent? This is when you remain and promote the well-being of a relationship, which is the source of your abuse. No matter how strong and relationship is, understand that there must always boundaries. Nature demands boundaries in every relationship. The Yoruba adage says, even where a farm belongs to father and child, there must be boundaries.

2. Learn to block and report inappropriate materials on social media: it is my practice to block people and contents off my social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook. I do not hesitate to block off followers on Twitter who post what I consider to be inappropriate. I block those who use sexually suggestive words. I block those who use abusive language. I block those who post sexually explicit pictures of other people and themselves. On Facebook, I watch out for same contents. I believe doing this sends a warning signal to those sending such that I am not available to receive such. Another thing you are expected to do is to report inappropriate messages and pictures to the administrators of the social media platform in question. You must not keep quiet when you sight what you believe to be inappropriate according to your values. Please note that when you keep quiet when you see inappropriate materials, you prepare and present yourself for future abuse.

3. Do not post on social media inappropriate materials: whatsoever you will have people do to you, do you also unto them. It is called the Golden Rule of life. If you do not want to be bullied on the internet, do not bully others. If you do not want to attract bullies, do not post on your social media accounts inappropriate and abusive materials. You must not also join others to bully another person. The truth is that you always attract your kind of person anywhere you go, including the internet.

I think I should sign out here. I am through sharing with you how to prevent Physical abuse/bullying/Cyber-bulling/Kidnapping. Next week, I will share with you how to prevent emotional abuse. I am available on this platform for meaningful interactions. Do have an INSPIRED week Stay SMART!

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