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 “Sharpen your Saw”

The final habit in our series! Its been a wonderful ride and experience sharing great thoughts on this subject of financially intelligent people. If you have been on this journey, you will no doubt have learnt a whole new way of viewing wealth creation. I have learnt a lot too. Sharpen your saw is about taking out time from all of your intense business or career activities to have a time of rest, reflection to get re-energised.

Many people experience career/business burn out because they have been on a set of activities for so long and in the process have become redundant without realising. There is something called activity without productivity. That the same activity that produced results in the past may have stopped producuing hose same great results but we may bot know because we haven’t taken time out to ‘sharpen our saws’. A saw that cut down a whole foreat will not cut down the next simply because it needs sharpening.

Your mind needs sharpening, your skills and discipline need sharpening, your health, fitness and body needs sharpening. Engaging in productive socialising; connecting with people of similar dreams goals and passion in an atmosphere of fun is a way to getting your groove back. You can’t be so concerned about money that you do not care about your health or the effective capacity of your mind.

Go for seminars, go on vacations, take a holiday, go on a retreat, take a family weekend getaway. The vessel(body, soul and spirit) which you are gifted with to create wealth needs to be catered to, re-energized and cared for.