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#PNN E-Mentoring (Yoma Victor): Why You Should Stay With Your Childhood Dreams – 2

Continued from last week

Someone I respect a lot said this “genius is childhood discovered!”, he meant that if you wanted to be a genius at anything in this world, go back to your childhood. Why would he say that? Simply because in your childhood you develop the greatest, grandest, seemingly impossible ideas. You are not held back by the word – impossible.‎

Kids do not believe in the word impossible. They know how to try and try and try. They do not take ‘no’ for an answer, they keep coming up with new creative stuff all the time. again. It has been recorded that a child learning how to walk, falls down 10,000 times before they are able to finally walk. That is the attitude we need all through our lives, not just as kids. ‎These are the qualities that make people successful.

The richest people on earth possess the above qualities of children in abundnce. Financial success will come from your ability to create products, services, ideas, etc that people can use and pay you for. Those ideas that will change the world are in you right now, do not allow the world around you change the picture you have on your inside. Hold on to it, have fun, don’t be deceived by those who want to teach you but are stuck in their ignorance.

Anything you want to become is good to become it as far as it doesn’t break the law or oppress other people. Any idea you have, no matter how stupid it may look has the ability to change the world. Never give up on your childhood dreams. The world is waiting for you, don’t disappoint us. People may laugh at your idea today but they will buy from you tomorrow, don’t you want to sell to them? If you give up on your dreams, you give up the right to your wealth and inheritance in life.


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