As a student, you will have at your disposal a Study Time Table, yet you are finding it difficult to study. But before we get to the “how to develop smart study habits” part, let’s understand what are habits and why you should study.

What Exactly Are Habits?
According to an English Poet, he said, “We first make our habits, then our habits make us.” Habits are things we do repeatedly. But most of the time we are hardly aware that we have them. They are on autopilot. That is, they automatically happen when we are not aware of them.

Some habits, as a student, are good, such as, showing up in class, studying regularly, planning ahead. Some are bad, like; disrespecting teachers, skipping school, not studying. Depending on what they are, our habits will either make or break us. We become what we repeatedly do. In this case, you become a Highly Capable Student™ who is capable of getting good grades (any day, any time) if you repeatedly develop the 4 Smart Study Habits you are about to learn.

Now you understood what habits are and why its important not only to your studies but in your life as well, the next thing you need to understand is…

Why You Should Study?
There are reasons why you should always find time to study. The main reason why you should ALWAYS study is to be able to face your academic activities effectively and confidently. Meaning, studying will enable you be better at achieving academic excellence with ease and confident. Without studying, you can’t be better at getting good grades for academic success. So…

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What is Studying?
This is seemingly a simple question but, it is not all that simple. Some people assume that by merely siting down to read for long hours is a sign of studying. This is not necessarily so. You may sit with a book before you and are not really studying. Therefore, what is the meaning of studying?

Studying is learning with concentration and diligence. Meaning, studying is applying the study skills to learn and gain knowledge about what you are studying without any distractions in order to get good grades. So here are the 4 Smart Study Habits you need to develop for getting good grades:

1. Get the Right Food.
Remember, your brain is connected to your body. To work well, it needs food. So, if you are about to jump into your studies, get the right food to boost your brain power.

2. Find the Right Place
Find a good place that is quiet, and where you can focus and study well. Don’t use places where you can be distracted. (Remember, studying requires concentration not distraction.)

3. Set the Right Time.
Set aside a good time (at least 60 minutes) every day to study by assigning the RIGHT time when it is convenient for your studies. (Note, don’t assign time for house duties to your study time. Make sure you are not using the time for doing your house duties to study and vice-versa.)

4. Use the Right Method.
Make use of a proven retention method that will enable you to retain what you’ve studied. First scan for 10 minutes to make mental notes of the main points. Then read for 30 minutes with other notes. Then drill for 20 minutes by giving yourself test to assess if you’ve really studied well. Always make sure you apply this retentive method as you study.

How are you developing your smart study habits? Or do you have a question(s)? I want to hear from you.

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