Selena Gomez Flees Mansion Because of Stalker

Only a year and a half after purchasing her beautiful Calabasas mansion, Selena Gomez is packing up and moving again. Selena originally purchased the home for $3.7 million (about 736 million).

Although her home is located in a gated community, and has several security cameras installed, this is also where Selena had to make several emergency calls because she feared for her safety. Last year shortly after she moved in, a man was arrested for both burglary and trespassing after he managed to get onto Selena’s property on more than one occasion. This also isn’t the first house Selena has owned that’s been targeted by a stalker.

Take a look at the inside of her gorgeous home below:

selena 1

selena 2

selena 3

 Credit: Teen Vogue

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