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Should Business And Friendship Mix? These 5 Tips Will Help You Walk This Line Safely

At times, in the course of business, there exists a thin line between friendship and business especially when it involves selling a product or service to friends and loved ones. Yet, some business models are built around eliminating this divide: take as examples Mary Kay cosmetics, Forever Living products, GNLD, and others who encourage their sales representatives to sell directly to their friends.

But problems can arise if you think you are providing the people in your network with a valuable product or service, but they feel like you are trying to sell them a bill of goods. Yet, no one likes to be sold to, or feel that their friendship is being exploited.

In such instances, how can you conduct yourself and your business in a such a way that you make your offerings known without ruining your relationships? Consider thus:

  1. Be careful not to be too pushy about making sales and not to make friends feel badly for saying No to what you are selling, or your suggestions that they tell their own networks about your products.
  2. Don’t blackmail your friends emotionally, or make them feel guilty into buying your products.
  3. If your business involves social sales like selling jewelery, health products, diet plans and the like, be ready for a lot of polite ‘No’ answers, and don’t push too hard lest it ruin your friendships.
  4. To show them that you aren’t exploiting their friendship, give them some options: Share information about what you are doing, give them a discount if you can afford it, and clearly say that they are under no pressure to buy.
  5. Don’t ambush your friends. Be upfront with them about your job or your relationship with a company that’s paying you to sell things. And if they seem uncomfortable or aren’t interested in what you are selling, back off! Don’t let them hear it ever again from your lips!!

It’s a popular saying that “Friends are the family we choose ourselves”. Hence, seeing how important friendships are to us, it’s not reasonable for you to sacrifice them because of your job or business. What do you think?

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