Project Manager of the British Council, Sephora Imomoh, has said that UK courses give individuals the skills, qualifications and connections needed to succeed in their chosen career. This much was said at the third annual British Council  Exhibition in Lagos and Abuja:

UK degrees have a global reputation for quality, and employers worldwide recognise a UK degree as a sign of high academic standards.

The annual event provides meeting and networking platform for both UK institutions and students interested in studying for a postgraduate international qualification in the UK. The three-day education event hosted over 40 UK institutions and exhibition visitors in both locations. Prospective students were given the opportunity to interact with the representatives of UK institutions ,and research further about available study options in the UK.

Presenting his institution’s offer to visitors, Dr. David Lonie of Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Scotland noted that Robert Gordon University is renowned for its expertise in subjects as diverse as art and design, management, and engineering. Listen to his words:

The university provides facilities that will have a real influence on students’ capacity to learn, and also tilts the focus of its courses towards oil and gas because the university is located closely to North Sea where oil dwells in abundance.

Explaining why the University of Brighton is suitable for international students, Barry Lee Scherer, Principal Lecturer at the university said:

The institution is great for students because of the city’s proximity to London, its exit routes to Central and Western European countries alongside its serene atmosphere.

Adding further that:

Brighton is fantastic for academics, as its courses are focused on a professional level and not in the pattern of a classical university.

Visitors to the exhibition acknowledged that it was a worthwhile experience. Bassey Blessing, a graduate of Business Management said:

I visited several stands and discussed with officials who explained to me that as a postgraduate student, I would be allowed to work in the UK while studying, and I think I like that. Also, the exhibition got me interested in some courses I like, especially those ones on aviation.

Ikwuoma Somto, a graduate of Statistics, who aspires to study engineering at postgraduate level said of the exhibition:

It was very nice; it has exposed me to a lot of information about applying for universities in the UK. I think it is a very good exhibition as it will help me make up my mind on the course to apply for ,and what my experience would be like.

Jibodu Oluwabusola, a graduate of architecture, said the event met her expectations.

It was really helpful to meet with the delegates one-on-one. Since applying online can quickly turn into a nightmare because you can’t really ask questions and clear up gray areas, the programme allowed me get face-to-face with officials of various universities. I think I like the UK schooling system both from what I’ve heard and the responses of people who had schooled there.

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