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5 Cool Tips On How To Spend Your Money Wisely

I am pretty certain that if you had access to all the money in the world, then you would buy everything your heart desired! Name it, and you would have it!! But in the real world, this is hardly the case for the majority, hence it becomes important to be prudent with the money available [...]

6 Tricks For Driving a Hard Bargain on Purchases and Saving Some Money

Everything is negotiable especially at the local markets and even in shops! You can drive a fantastic bargain, and save yourself some money. Below are a few tricks on how to start a bargain, what to practice with, and how not to be deceived by sellers with sugar-coated lips. 1. Start At a Fraction of [...]

All the Facts About BLACK FRIDAY

If you are always on fleek, you would know that today is Black Friday, and many-a-retail outlets are offering up commodities at a discount. So, you must have wondered: What is Black Friday? Why is it so called? Where did it start? These may be just some of the questions you have asked. Here is [...]