Everything is negotiable especially at the local markets and even in shops! You can drive a fantastic bargain, and save yourself some money. Below are a few tricks on how to start a bargain, what to practice with, and how not to be deceived by sellers with sugar-coated lips.

1. Start At a Fraction of the Asking Price

If you are shopping for inexpensive items, go 25-50% lower than the asking price. If the item is very expensive, it’s better to start lower, say 10% of the asking price, so you have more room to manoeuvre. There’s nothing more disappointing in a bargaining game than starting too high and the seller agreeing too quickly!

2. Practice a Little On Inexpensive Items

Before you have your heart set on something, practice bargaining a little for something to which you are less attached and can therefore walk away if need be. This will help you warm up, and gain experience for the bigger items.

3. Take Your Time

If you can, take time and don’t be rushed. If the seller isn’t coming down on the item you want, walk away and check other stalls. You might find it cheaper elsewhere and you can use the price to drive the other vendor down.

4. Decide How Much You Are Willing To Spend On an Item

A good way to defend yourself against being forced to pay too much for stuff you didn’t really want in the first place is to decide as you look at something, what it’s worth to you. This will help you focus on your bargaining, and when the price goes over what you want to pay, simply walk away

5. Use The “Walk Away”

After you reach an impasse and the price is still too high,  give your final offer and walk away slowly but looking pointedly at other items. Usually they will call you back, but sometimes, they will not, and you will have to live with the disappointment or put your tail between your legs and go back.

6. Don’t Feel Sorry For The Seller

Sellers love to act like you have ruined their day with your hard bargaining. You will hear something like “You are getting this for less than I paid for it!”

Lies! All lies! The seller is making a profit, don’t you worry. They are not going to sell you anything out of the goodness of their hearts. It’s a game and it’s fun to play. So play right back and say something like “Yes, but now I can’t afford transport back home anymore!”

Remember that in every business negotiation, there’s a fool (the disadvantaged one); ensure you are not that one!