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“The Only Time You Fail Is When You Don’t Try!” These Teens Share Their Entrepreneurial Journey With You

In the second of the series, we will consider teen entrepreneurs like the boy who converted his bitter experience from being bullied into a profitable business, to the girl who pestered her father for three straight years until he commited to her dream, even as you will be inspired by them, seeing that they are [...]

So Tell Me, Where Do All That Beach Sand Come From?

The sand you see on beaches is from broken down rocks along with some fragments of shelled sea creatures and other biomass as well as sediments from inland areas that have been ground to very fine particles, tossed up by the waves, carried by rivers and streams, and collected. Those grains of sand under your [...]

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Amazing Country Facts (Mauritius)

Quick Facts Location:Indian Ocean island, 2,000km off the southeast coast of the African continent. Land Area: 2,040 km² Capital City: St. Louis, which is also the largest city Population: 1,216,208 (2014 estimate) Languages: English, French, Mauritian Creole Below are some pictures of Mauritius St Louis - Capital City of Mauritius Recreation Sports [...]