In the second of the series, we will consider teen entrepreneurs like the boy who converted his bitter experience from being bullied into a profitable business, to the girl who pestered her father for three straight years until he commited to her dream, even as you will be inspired by them, seeing that they are really not that different form you.


1. Ludwick Marishane, Founder, Dry Bath

Ludwick was just 17 when he came up with the idea of a bath gel that didn’t require water.  He was chatting one day with a close friend when that one asked why nobody had invented something that you could just apply to your skin without having to take a bath nor shower.

Though with only secondary school science knowledge, Ludwick got onto the internet and got all the information he needed about water access, composition and manufacture of lotions and creams until he finally came up with a formula after only six months! This invention would later earn him the 2011 Global Student Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

His Advice: 

Find what you love doing, and exert all your effort in pursuing it. Do as much as you can on your own, and always ask for help when you need it. Embrace failure, because you will only ever experience it if you give up, not if you try and fail to succeed.

2. Ollie Forsyth, 18, Founder, Ollie’s Shop

Because Ollie suffers from dyslexia – which is a learning difficulty – he was often bullied in school and called lazy. But he got courage after he learnt that successful billionaire-entrepreneur, Richard Branson is dyslexic too. This was when he became determined to be like him, and prove the people who said he would never amount to anything wrong.

His Advice: 

You have to do what you love, and if you have a business idea in mind, just try it and see what happens. I see too many people with great ideas, but they do not pursue them as they are afraid to. Just get on and do it!

3. Alina Morse, 10, Founder, Zollipops

Alina would be the first to admit to you that she loves candy! But because she always knew they are bad for her teeth, she decided to create a lollipop that’s both delicious and good for the teeth (because sugar is eliminated from the recipe, replacing it instead with sweetening agents). And that was how Zollipop cam to be!! What’s more? she was only seven when she invented it.

Her Advice: 

Always keep asking questions. You can do anything if you work hard, try and believe in yourself and never give up!

4. Madison Robinson, 18, Founder, Fish Flops

It all started during a day at the beach. It was there that Madison, then eight years old, had the idea to make fun, light-up sandals. Shortly after that trip, she drew the first original designs for the sandals, and proceeded to enlist the help of her father to make them into a reality. But it was not easy convincing him, it would take her three years of continuous pestering before he agreed to invest in her dream! And that investment paid off, as she has sold millions of those sandals since then!

Her Advice: 

You have to take the first step on your own, be patient, persistent and never give up. Write down your idea, share the information with family and friends and get their opinions. Make sure you balance your time and enjoy life while working.

Like it? There’s more. Keep your fingers crossed!

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