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Understanding Body Image and Appearance in Teens: What Parents and Teachers can do to Help Teens Build Positive Self Image

Do you find it funny how difficult it usually is to persuade toddlers to take a shower only for them to grow into teenagehood and become all too particular about their looks? This is perhaps common to the girls who do not only spend excessive amount of time dressing up and then rush every mirror [...]

Girls’ Headache: Am I Pretty Enough?

Imagine this scenario- a fifteen year old girl standing in front of the mirror and closely observing her face. She is unsure whether or not she is pretty enough. So she stares at herself in the mirror, brushing her hair continuously as she thinks critically of her facial features. Meanwhile, unknown to her, her mother [...]

Should You Really Wash Your Face with Sponge?

I am pretty certain you must have heard arguments for and against why washing your face with sponge is either good or bad for you. While this article will not seek to prescribe one over the other, we shall be presenting you with unbiased facts about the truth of the matter. So, let's get on [...]

Girl Talk! Steps To Applying Make-up

Eye makeup can define how natural or dramatic your look can be. Whether you want to learn a process you can use every day or look stunning for a special occasion, here’s how to get it right. Steps to Follow Start with a clean face: Wash your whole face with water before you begin applying [...]

6 cute and easy hairstyles for girls with short hair

Length isn’t the only thing that makes natural hair beautiful. Not everyone can or wants to have long hair, and that’s okay. But it’s hard to feel a sense of pride about your short hair when all of the most popular natural hair bloggers and vloggers have very long, thick hair. Finding hair tutorials and [...]

Desire To Smell Nice All Day Long? Heed These Perfume Spraying Tips!

It's always really annoying when you put your perfume on in the morning and by afternoon, there's not a whiff of scent on your body. And while some of you may think it's just not strong enough , some believe they must have sweated it off. All these are pretty far from the truth. How [...]

8 Important Tips For a Less Painful and Irritating Shave

As far as beauty topics are concerned, hair removal is by far one of the least glamorous processes to talk about. Even if you have been getting rid of your body hair for ages, the tedious process (the cuts, razor burn, and redness that come with it) hasn't been very bearable. The pros have all [...]

Meet 20yr Old Onyinyechi Ironkwe Who Emerged The Winner Of The 2015/2016 Miss Niger Delta Beauty Queen Pageant

Beautiful 20 years old Onyinyechi Ironkwe has emerged the winner of the 2015/2016 Miss Niger Delta queen pageant Miss Niger Delta Beauty Queen pageant The pageant was held on Sunday 20th of December ad it had 23 contestants in all. Miss Niger Delta Beauty Queen pageant A native of Amaoba Oboro in Ikwuano LGA of Abia state, Onyinyechi who [...]

The Beauty Treatment that Employs the Use of Fire!

Korean beauty trends are usually the rage, from trending Korean skincare products for faces, to sheet masks, to serums infused with snail mucin (that's code for snail guts!), but the line has to be drawn somewhere, and that is when it involves bringing fire into your beauty routine! says an article on make up on [...]

Girl Talk: Caring For Your Hair During Harmattan

Harmattan period usually contains a lot of dust, dryness and heat. This weather causes the scalp to be very dry and also makes the hair dirty as a result of dusty and dry air. Here are some things you can do to help your hair: 1.  Extra protection Use an extra moisturising shampoo especially one that is [...]

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