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Classwork Series and Exercise (Computer Science- JSS2): Units Of Storage In Computer

Units Of Storage In Computer The most common unit of storage in computer is called a byte which is equal to 8 bits. A computer memory is made up of millions of bytes. All data and information fed into a computer, as well as the program that comes preloaded are stored in form of bytes. [...]

3 Things You Must Do To Make Yourself Stand Out As a Brand

To become a brand, you must combine your business’s values with what your customers want, and where you want to be in the minds of people. Do you know why? You are a customer yourself, and I bet you will not hand over your money to someone just because they ask for it, or when [...]

Effective Strategies for Teaching Vocabulary

  The Common Core Standards focus heavily on teaching a rich and varied vocabulary. It is expected that, in addition to teaching vocabulary through a wide reading of literature and informational texts, teachers will implement a rigorous programme of vocabulary instruction. Here’s the secret: learning vocabulary is fun! If you vary your practices and strategies, [...]

Classwork Series and Exercise (Physical Health Education- JSS3): Types of Swimmer

Types of Swimmers Distressed swimmers: They have trouble swimming, perhaps from fatigue, and may or may not be calling out for help. Lifeguards usually swim out and help these swimmers to the side. They may or may not require additional assistance. Normal swimmers (Healthy swimmers) are those who do not need any support and can [...]

Classwork Exercise and Series (Literature In English- SS1): Concept Of Prose

Definition Of Prose A prose is a long narrative with a wide range of characters, events, experiences, written in a straight forward language. The main character in a prose work is the protagonist. The chief character who opposes the main character is called antagonist. Prose man/Prosiest/Novelist: The writer of a prose work. Types of characters [...]