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Civic education

SS2 Chemistry Third Term: WATER

Topic: Water  Content  Sources of Water Types of Water Water Pollution Uses of Water Introduction We live on a planet that is dominated by water. More than 70% of the Earth's surface is covered with this simple molecule. Scientists estimate that the hydrosphere contains about 1.36 billion cubic kilometers of this substance mostly in the [...]

SS3 Civic Education: Revision – Democracy

Topic: Democracy Content Meaning and Characteristics of Democracy Types of Democracy Importance of Democracy Problems of Democracy Meaning of Democracy According to Abraham Lincoln, democracy is the government of the people, by the people and for the people. This is the system of government in which people exercise their political power through periodic election of [...]

JSS2 Computer Science Third Term: How The Internet Works

Topic: HOW THE INTERNET WORKS HOW THE INTERNET WORKS On the internet, data and information are transferred world wide through the servers and clients (which are computers) connected to the internet. The computers which are responsible for management of resources i.e program and data on a network, by providing a centralized storage area, is called [...]

JSS1 Civic Education Third Term: Self Control and Anger

Topic: Self Control and Anger Contents: Definition of self control Results of self control Definition of Anger Result of Anger Definition of Self Control Self control can be defined as the ability to behave sensible. It is the ability to control oneself, in particular one's emotions and desires or the expression of them in one's behavior, [...]

SS1 Civic Education Third Term: Cultism (I)

Definition of Cultism Cultism can also be called secret cult; it can be defined as an enclosed organized association devoted to the same cause. Members of this group always commit themselves to oath and allegiance  which serves as their strong bond. Cultism is a form of organization whose activities are not only exclusively kept away [...]

SS1 Government Third Term: Factors Working against the Success of Pressure Groups

Introduction Most pressure groups have a variety of goals and make a variety of compromises as part of their on-going negotiations and campaigning. For some groups, success may just be ensuring that rival groups do not achieve some of their objectives. Political Culture This is the extent to which pressure group activity is regarded as [...]

JSS3 Mathematics Third Term: Geometrical Construction

Geometrical Construction Using ruler and compasses Remember the following when making geometrical constructions. 1. Use a hard pencil with a sharp point. This gives thin lines which are more accurate. 2. Check that your ruler has good straight edge. A damaged ruler is useless for construction work. 3. Check that your compasses are not too [...]

Classwork Series and Exercises { Civic Education}: Promoting National Unity – The National Anthem and Pledge

Civic Education, JSS1, Week 2 Topic: Promoting National Unity - The National Anthem and Pledge Content The National Anthem The National Pledge The National Anthem: This is a song of unity and readiness to serve the country which Nigerians have accepted to sing. It is a promise of loyalty to the country. Before October 1st [...]

Civic Education {JSS2}: Values

JSS 1 Civic Education First term Week 1 Topic: Meaning of Values Types of Values Meaning Value can be define as the degree of quality or worth of a thing.It can also be defined as the lay down rules or standard that guides our interaction with people.value influences our character and attitude towards other people. Values [...]

Classwork Series and Exercise (English – JSS3): Effective Writing Rules

English Language  Contents: Grammar: Active and Passive Verbs Effective Writing Rules Grammar: Active and Passive Verbs Verbs A verb is a word or more than one word that is used to express an action or a state of being. Every sentence must have a verb. This makes the verb the most important word as far [...]

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