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conflict resolution

Social Studies – Causes and Consequences of Conflict

Social Studies JSS 3 Week 2 Topic: Causes and Consequences of Conflict For previous note on "conflict" see: https://passnownow.com/lesson/conflicts/ Content Causes of Conflicts Effects of conflict on the society Conflict management and resolution Causes of Conflicts The following points below are the causes of conflicts- Conflict can arise when someone or group or a group of [...]

Civic Education – Inter-communal Relationship

CIVIC SS2 WEEK 6 Topic: Relationship II: Inter-communal Relationship Contents: Meaning of Inter-communal Relationship Importance of Inter-communal Relationship Skills needed for Resolving Inter-communal Conflicts 1. Meaning of Inter-communal Relationship Inter-communal Relationship is a relationship which exists between two or more communities. One of the main objectives of any good government is to bring government close [...]