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Some simple but effective Ways Parents can make their Teens eat healthy means

Today I am focusing a lot on health and healthy lifestyle because as a popular saying goes, health is wealth. Unhealthy teens can barely feel good with themselves much less perform academically whereas on the other hand, healthy teens are typically most excellent at their academics. Now considering that parents are directly in charge of [...]

4 Reasons Sleeping Late Is Not A Good Idea For Teenagers

Late Sleeping is a very common behaviour among teenagers; they never know how bad it is, Here are some reasons why a teenager should not sleep late. Late nights sometimes aren’t that productive:  If you are staying up late to get work done perhaps you need to rethink your strategy. Check out your late night work [...]

Why You Really Need To Keep Fit

Why You Really Need To Keep Fit Physical fitness is a general state of health and well-being or specifically the ability to perform aspects of sports or occupations. Physical fitness is generally achieved through correct nutrition, exercise, hygiene and rest. It is a set of attributes or characteristics that people have or achieve that relates [...]

Girl Talk!!! How To Clean And Take Care Of Your Vagina

Taking care of your vagina everyday can help you to avoid smell, infection or abnormal discharge. It is important to know the dos and don’ts when it comes to vaginal care in order to prevent infections, odour and irritation. Occasional washing of your vagina is necessary and in most, water is all you need on the outer area [...]

Reasons You Should Eat Golden Melon

You can see the fruit sellers of Nigeria pushing some of the golden melons around. Don't just pass them by, try out this fruit.  They are healthy foods loaded with nutrients. Of the many melon types, Golden melons have the most vibrant taste. It is roundish, medium in size compared to the popular water melon. [...]

Great Ways Grape Juice Can Improve Your Memory!

    According to a research, grape juice can indeed improve our short-term memory and motor skills significantly. This is because grape juice is effective in increasing the production of the neurotransmitter dopamine (a chemical released by nerve cells to send signals to other nerve cells) in our brain. Aside from the well-known fact that [...]

Tips for Teens: The Truth About Alcohol… And Why You Should Avoid Taking It

  Excessive consumption of Alcohol may harm one’s life in several ways. Alcohol can destruct the person’s mental, emotional and physical health. It also affects one’s relationships. Alcohol makes the person addicted as well as directs a person towards a dangerous path. The risk of several health diseases such as liver and heart disease increases [...]

TEXT- WALKING: Scientists say Sending messages on the go affects balance and posture

  It may help you keep in touch.  But texting while walking could make you lose your balance. People who type text messages while walking develop a robot-like posture that puts them in danger of toppling over, a study found The scientists warned that text-walkers are also at risk of wandering in front of traffic [...]

10 Foods That Can Tamper With Your Brain Alertness, Avoid Them!!!

  When it comes to nutrition, it must be mentioned that there are all sorts of foods: some super-foods are your greatest allies against extra pounds, while others stimulate your cognitive function and improve your memory. On the other hand, some foods are known to have a devastating effect on your brain functioning, and nutritionists [...]

5 Reasons You’re Always Hungry

It's certainly not okay when you always feel like a bottomless pit for no obvious reason. Hunger is the physiological need for calories, water and salt, and it's driven by a mix of factors, including your diet, appetite hormones and emotional factors. Figuring out why you can't stop shovelling it down is important, because excess [...]