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Maersk Nigeria Limited donates Books a School in Lagos

Maersk Nigeria Limited demonstrated its commitment to supporting the community through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes as it donated 1,000 exercise books to State Nursery and Primary School, Arakan Barracks, Apapa. Besides, the staff, mostly females took turn to engage the students from Primaries 4 to 6 in various subjects including English, Social Studies [...]


Once I was young; can’t believe how much I’ve grown. Yet the memories of my childhood remain ever fresh with me all thanks to the diary I kept growing up. Now if you recall, some days ago I briefly shared about Nursery School experiences, the many tears I cried the first time I ever had [...]

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5 Tips to Help You Manage School Anxiety and Stress

Everyone deals with stress. It is an unfortunate reality of human nature. There are expectations that aren't always met and events that occur outside of our control. For many teens, a large source of this stress is school-related. On top of juggling extracurricular activities and a social life, we have to manage homework and studying [...]

6 Things You’ll Really Miss About Secondary School

See, you’ve got to enjoy your secondary school days to the fullest while you’re still there. That’s because you’re likely to look back during adulthood and cherish the things you’re doing right now that seem dumb to you. From my experience, here's a list of things are most likely going to miss about secondary school [...]

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10 Things Only Secondary School Students Can Relate With

Being in secondary school can be so complicated and confusing, especially for junior students. Here are 10 things only secondary school students can relate with. 1. Teachers can be your friends. Sometimes teachers can be powerful allies! Some of them are really nice and fun, and they’re easy to talk to during free periods or [...]

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6 habits every student should master before graduation

While students should always audit and analyse themselves and their progress often, there are some habits that they are best to adapt sooner than later. All knowledge could be useful for something in the future, and it’s always great to have as many skills as possible. Below are 6 common habits that students should master, improve [...]

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3 Reasons Why Secondary School Isn’t So Great, After All

Adults tend to remember their teenage years as easier, since they only remember it as a time when they didn't have three kids and a mortgage. But ask any teenagers who are considering suicide over a bad relationship or WAEC Grades and you'll find them just wishing that the shit would end so they could [...]

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Secondary school student arrested for hacking into his school’s computer and changing the grades of 35 students

A high school student was arrested and charged for allegedly changing the grades and attendance records of his classmates. Investigators say that the opportunistic teen got his hands on a teacher's log-in details before gaining access to the school's computer system at Orange High School in New Jersey (US). The 16-year-old was charged with multiple [...]

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