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Junk Food

Classwork Series and Exercises {Home Economics – JSS1}: Healthy Feeding Habits

Home Economics JSS1 Week 2 Topic: HEALTHY FEEDING HABITS Contents: Healthy Feeding Habits Types of Food Meal Planning Guidelines for Healthy Feeding Guidelines for Table Manners A. HEALTHY FEEDING HABITS/ FOOD NUTRIENTS The human body is like a machine that needs fuel to do its work. These needs fuel to do it work. These needs are met [...]

Is this why we’re all so fat? Junk food can kill your appetite for anything healthy, scientists warn

A diet laden with burgers and fries, dripping with sweet treats and saturated in pies could kill our appetite for healthy foods, scientists warn. A new Australian study has found living on junk food not only makes rats fat, but also suppresses their desires to eat a balanced diet. Scientists believe their findings help explain [...]

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