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Sense Organ

Biology – Know Your Sense Organs

BIOLOGY Topic: Sense Organs Introduction A sense organ is defined as a group of specialized cells, tissues or receptors which are able to receive, perceive or detect stimulus and transmit the information, impulse or message to the central nervous system. The human senses contain receptors that relay information through sensory neurons to the appropriate places [...]

Why Do Books Smell? Bet You Don’t Know The Answer

Physical book vs. e-book. Both have their pluses and minuses, and while many readers are moving to e-books for the ease and convenience of not having to lug around a bunch of physical books, those piles of paper pages really still have a following. In fact, 65% of people who say they prefer physical books [...]

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Wondering how she can smell everything? Study reveals girls really do have a better sense of smell than boys

Researchers have solved the mystery of why women have a better sense of smell than men - and say it is all down to their brain. Males and females greatly differ in their perceptual evaluation of odours, with women outperforming men on many kinds of smell tests. However, until now researchers have not known why. [...]

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