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Sex Education

Sex Education: What every Teen Needs to Know

Every single day, a teenager somewhere experiences puberty; those dramatic bodily changes that herald active sexual maturity. In the light of this, there is a need to continually teach these teenagers everything they need  about sex. That said, take your time and read through the fast facts about sex education. We hope you learn! First [...]

Here us every Reason why no Teen should be pressured into having Sex this coming Valentine

February 14 is one notorious day known for unlimited amorousness. It is also the day when so many teenagers (especially girls) come under the pressure to show love by way of having sex; usually for the first time. Well I am here to tell you every reason you do not need to have sex on [...]


In our society, quite a number of topics are classified as taboo and are therefore rarely up for discussion. An example of such issues is sex. Right early on in life society starts to shield you from subjects that are perceived unsuitable for children. It begins with parents intentionally misguiding their inquisitive toddlers who may [...]

Sex Education For Teens: 6 Things Parents & Teachers Are Guilty Of

Studies show that not only does sex education keep students safer, it also encourages students to wait. With facts like these, why aren’t more schools teaching things that students really need to know? It’s disappointing, concerning, and really discouraging. Sex is a huge part of our world, and there’s no getting around it. School administrators, [...]

Teenage pregnancy exposes girls to reproductive health risks, expert says

A Community Health Expert, Prof. Christiana Campbell, says teenage pregnancy could expose the girl-child to devastating reproductive health issues. Campbell, a former National President of the Medical Women Association of Nigeria, made this known in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Monday in Lagos. Related Article: Myths and Realities About Teenage [...]

Girl Talk: Six Things To Do If You’re A Victim Of Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is a reality for millions of boys and girls all around the world, but its commonality doesn’t make the struggle any easier. While assaults from strangers is what’s often depicted in the media, you have a larger chance of being sexually assaulted from someone you know–a friend, a partner or a member of [...]

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