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ALHAMBRA: The Beautiful Palace Fortress That Made a King Cry

As the last Moorish King of Granada, Sultan Mohammed and his family went into exile, forced into this situation by the advancing army of Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabel of Castile who were on a quest to reclaim Spanish land from the Moors - North African Muslims of Berber and Arabian descent. Legend has it [...]

“You Are Never Too Young To Start” Two Teen Entrepreneurs Speak From Experience

In the third and final of our series on entrepreneurship, we will consider two teens - one who invented the sport equipment she needed but couldn't find, and the other who designed an anti-bullying app for victims of bullying. Hope you enjoy! Rachel Zietz, 15, Founder, Gladiator Lacrosse She couldn't find a certain equipment she needed [...]

Forget About Scarcity, Learn All The Facts About Tomatoes

It is only fitting that we talk about this fruit (yes it is, in case you didn't know), seeing how we are currently in the middle of a tomato drought in Nigeria, one so bad that the Federal Government had to declare a state of emergency in the affected states! So, what exactly are the [...]

Ice Cream. Toilet Paper. Football. 10 Things In Use Today that the Ancient Chinese Invented

Later today, Arsenal FC of England will take on Barcelona FC of Spain in a game of football. But did you know that the ancient Chinese were the first to play the game? They called it Cuju, and some of its rules have remained to this day. But that is just one, take a look [...]