In the third and final of our series on entrepreneurship, we will consider two teens – one who invented the sport equipment she needed but couldn’t find, and the other who designed an anti-bullying app for victims of bullying.

Hope you enjoy!

Rachel Zietz, 15, Founder, Gladiator Lacrosse

She couldn’t find a certain equipment she needed for lacrosse – a sport she played – that was sturdy enough to withstand rigorous repeated practice, so she invented it! And how old? She was only 13!! It’s been two years now and her business is very successful. For her, not finding the sport equipment was a problem, and also an opportunity.

Her Advice:

My advice to any aspiring young entrepreneur is to make sure whatever you do, you are passionate about it. Passion is the key to success and it is what drives you to work through obstacles and challenges in your way. Also, you are never too young to start.

Brandon Boynton, 19, Founder, MostBeastlyStudiosLLC

Brandon Boynton’s was bullied both physically and mentally for being different. This got much worse when he decided to run for class president, and it really upset him, especially as he was only 14 at the time. The treatment he got from these bullies made him want to seek justice for all victims of bullying, so he designed an app that allowed victims to report bullies anonymously, and that was also cool. 

Together with his parents and the business skills he had gained from a youth entrepreneurship programme, he launched his own software development startup, MostBeastlyStudios LLC and created the company’s first product, The Bully Box.

Already, some 100,000 students now use The Bully Box in the United States, New Zealand, Spain, France and the United Kingdom, and has also been offered a scholarship by a university in the US!

His Advice:

Always remember that being an entrepreneur is more than just being someone willing to take a risk in creating a business. It’s about doing something that forces you outside of your comfort zone — and outside of the comfort zone of your peers and your social group. It allows you to do something great, and to devote your time and effort to a cause that has a positive impact. That’s true entrepreneurship.

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