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Classwork Series and Exercises {Agricultural Science – SS2}: Environmental Physiology

Environmental Physiology Agricultural Science, SS 2 Week: 1 Topic: Environmental Physiology Definition of Environmental Physiology This can be defined as effects of the environment on the growth and performance of farm animals. Normal growth and performance are enhanced when climatic factors like temperature, rainfall, wind, relative humidity, sunlight etc. are moderate. Effects of Changes in [...]

Classwork Series and Exercises – English Language {SS2}: The Uses of Computer, Falling and Rising Tone

English Language SS2 Week 1 Contents: Oral English: The Falling and Rising Tones Vocabulary Development: Using Computers A. Oral English: The Falling and Rising Tone Intonation is the music of the voice. As we speak, our voices are constantly changing from one pitch to another. Intonation often tells us more about the feelings and attitude [...]

Classwork Series and Exercises {Chemistry – SS2}: Introduction to Organic Chemistry

Chemistry, SS 2 Week: 1 Topic: Introduction to Organic Chemistry Organic chemistry originally meant the chemistry of compounds obtainable from plants and animals – living organisms. Organic chemistry is that branch of chemistry that deals with the structure, properties, and reactions of compounds that contain carbon. In other word, organic chemistry is defined as the [...]

Nominalization and Skill Focus (Paraphrasing a Poem)

English Language SS2 First Term Week 9 Contents: Grammar: Nominalization Vocabulary Development: The Human Body Skill Focus: Writing Skills A. Grammar: Nominalization It is useful to expand your vocabulary  and one way to do this to know how to use suffixes  to form new words. A suffix is something we add to the end of a word [...]

English Language {SS2} – Nouns and Common Errors

English Language SS2 Third Term Week  8 Contents: Structure: Nouns - Countable and Uncountable/Concrete and Abstract Skill Focus: How to keep up with your English during the Holidays Common errors Structure: Nouns - Countable and Uncountable/Concrete and Abstract Countable nouns  are nouns that can be counted (e.g. oranges).  So how do we know whether or not a noun is countable [...]

Classwork Series and Exercises {English Language – SS2}: Diphthongs, Determiners and Writing Skill

English Language SS2 First Term Week 3 Contents: Oracy Skills: Diphthongs Grammar: Determiners Writing Skills: How to read and listen for gist The Habit of Reading A. Diphthongs A Diphthong is a type of vowel that begins as one sound, then changes into another. (Note that di - is a prefix meaning 'two'.) E.g. in [...]

Classwork Series – Civic Education: Short Comings In Public Service

Reasons for Short comings in Public Service Colonial Influence: Most public corporations incorporated in Nigeria during the colonial era are no longer inform since the departure of colonial masters who were the initiators of this public corporation. Some of these public corporations were seized and manipulated by private individuals into their own private businesses. Corruption: [...]

Classwork Series and Exercises {English – SS2}: Sentence Patterns, Phonetic Symbols and Creative Writing

English Language SS2 Second Term Week  2 Contents: Grammar: Sentence types Oracy: Phonetic symbols (Vowels) Creative Writing A. Sentence Patterns Sentence can be defined as phrase with finite verb & subject and predicate or subordinate & main clause. Sentence Subject -  Predicate The patterns include: SV- Subject Verb SVO- Subject Verb Object SVC- Subject Verb Complement SVOO [...]

Classwork Series and Exercises {Civic Education – SS2}: Citizens Responsibilities

SS 2 Civic Education  Week 2 Topic: Citizens Responsibilities Content- Duties and obligations of Nigerian citizens Duties and Obligations of Nigerian Citizens A citizen is a legal member of a given state who possesses full constitutional, legal or natural rights in the state he or she resides. A citizen is "a person owing loyalty to and [...]

Classwork Exercise and Series (Government- SS1): Indirect Rule

Indirect Rule Indirect rule is a system of administration in which the British colonial government adopted as its colonial policy in dealing with the people by using the traditional rulers, the traditional political institutions while the British officials mainly advised and where necessary, enforced colonial regulations. Indirect Rule in Northern Nigeria One of the reasons [...]

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