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Classwork Series and Exercises {Agriculture – JSS2}: FACTORS OF SOIL FORMATION

Agriculture JSS2 Week 3 Topic: FACTORS OF SOIL FORMATION Factors affecting soil formation are; Parent materials i.e origin of the soil Climate-Such as rainfall, temperature and wind. Topography Living matter or biotic factors-micro organism, roots of growing tree Time Parent materials: Parent material is the unconsolidated mineral and organic deposits in which soils are developing. [...]

Science Corner: Does Adding Salt To Water Really Lower Its Boiling Point?

You may have heard this and wondered if it was true. Here is a look at the science behind salt and boiling water. It is not a scientific fact that adding salt to water lowers its boiling point. Actually, the opposite is true. Adding salt to water results in a phenomenon called boiling point elevation. The boiling [...]

Classwork Series and Exercises {Chemistry – SS1}: Gas Law

Chemistry SS1 Week 8 Topic: Gas Law Introduction Gas has existed since the beginning of time; oftentimes, it was referred to as “air” or “oxygen;” however, in the late 18th century, “air” became known as gas, and people were able to distinguish between different types of gas. Towards the end of the 18th century, scientists [...]