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3 Things You Must Do To Make Yourself Stand Out As a Brand

To become a brand, you must combine your business’s values with what your customers want, and where you want to be in the minds of people. Do you know why? You are a customer yourself, and I bet you will not hand over your money to someone just because they ask for it, or when [...]

Do You Desire To Reach Your Full Potential? Then, Watch Out For These 3 Things

Whether in life, academics, or business, most of us are interested in "reaching our full potential", and ensuring that we make the best of our lives. The question any intelligent person would ask next may well be: What should one do, or not do (as the case may be), if one desires to reach his/her [...]

#PNN E-Mentoring (Yoma Victor): Seeing With Your Mind

Hello guys, how are you all doing? I am starting a new series today. Follow this one closely and you will have a total mental make-over. There are different types of blindness out there in the world. Physical blindness and mental blindness are two of the major ones. Blindness is a situation of life where [...]