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3 Points To Consider If You Desire To Excel In Life And As an Entrepreneur

In life and as an entrepreneur, we face obstacles that threaten to abort our dreams and make our goals seem unattainable. If one looks beyond the fear and the noise, one would see how these obstacles are enlarged by our mind. To help you see things in the right perspective and help you excel in [...]

In Life And As an Entrepreneur, These 10 Words Are the Keys That Open Doors

According to an article by Jayson Demers on entrepreneur.com, what we get either in the form of cooperation or assistance from others depend to a large degree on how we present our arguments and requests. Whether in life or business, these 10 words may well be the difference between assent and decline. Consider for yourselves. 1. [...]

Grammar Clinic: The REAL difference between WILL and SHALL

There are certain ‘rules’ in standard British English grammar regarding the distinction between will and shall which you should be aware of, even if the current consensus is that these two verbs are generally interchangeable in most, but not all, situations. In British English, there has been a traditional rule of prescriptive grammar stating that, [...]