What Other Teens are Saying About School Uniforms

I remember a girl once said:

I wish the school authority would allow senior girls wear skirts!

Back then, both junior and senior girls wore gowns – with diagonal stripes (from 1 to 3) on the uniform to indicate levels of seniority. Some also complained that the uniforms did not suit their fashion tastes, and it was not uncommon for boys to slim-fit theirs, while girls raised the hem of their skirts or gowns! And whenever permission was given to come to school in mufti – everyone tried to outshine the others with their fashion statement!

So, you see, you are far from alone. Let us now look at the different points of view as provided by

The vast majority of teens don’t want to dress alike, and they feel that in doing so, they lose their individual identities (I can see you nodding your head in agreement). Other reasons why kids don’t want to wear school uniforms include the following:

  • School uniforms are ugly. They don’t follow any of the current fashion trends, and many uniforms have been essentially the same for generations. Teens feel that uniform colours and styles are too old-fashioned.
  • School uniforms restrict individuality. Teens love to experiment with their clothing and accessories. They already often feel constricted by the rules and regulations of the classroom, and the requirement of school uniforms only further emphasizes that restricted feeling.
  • School uniforms do not save money. One theory behind uniforms is that they save families money. However, teens are quick to point out that they still want to buy stylish clothing to wear outside of school (check that!). This means that students must essentially have two wardrobes! However, if they didn’t have uniforms, they could wear a lot of their same clothes to school.
  • Uniforms aren’t flattering to all body types. Uniforms requirements often require tucked in shirts for boys and girls, and skirts for girls. Some teens feel that these clothing styles aren’t very flattering to certain body type, and they increase students’ feelings of insecurity.

Did I cover everything? But not every student agrees with your reasons, and here’s what they have to say on the matter:

  • Uniforms eliminate clothing competition. Students who wear uniforms don’t feel the need to compete with each other on buying the latest, and sometimes most expensive, clothing brands ( I can see the point here).
  • Uniforms eliminate choices. Some students love the idea of not having to decide what to wear each day. Instead of spending time putting together outfits, they simply put on their uniforms (Life made easy!).
  • Uniforms create equality. Students who are supporters of uniforms also point to the fact that everyone looks virtually the same, cutting down on status cliques throughout the school.

So, which side of the divide do you belong? Which ever side it is, you can still be your stylish and fashionable self – yes, even in school uniforms. That is what makes you a fashionista, that ability to create something trendy out of nothing.

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