You know that phrase, “actions speak louder than words?” I totally believe it, but I also believe that words can be super powerful. The way you say something, or what you say (even if you meant something completely different), can cause people to think about you in a certain way. If you say the wrong thing when you’re on a date, or when you’re talking to your crush, it could really change the way that person sees you. Scary, isn’t it?

I found it pretty interesting to read this Ask Reddit thread on the most unattractive things members of the opposite sex say. I went through it to find out what guys hate that girls say. This rather should be taken as a guide on how to make a good impression on someone through your words. Here are the 9 most unattractive things a girl can say, according to real guys.

1. Self-Conscious Statements

 “Do I look fat?” “Do you think I’m fat?” Nothing worse than lack of confidence. In case you haven’t heard, dudes HATE when girls say stuff like this. It’s an instant turn-off. Don’t do it! Be confident in yourself – you most likely look great.

2. Making Blanket Statements About Dudes

“Guys are such jerks” Most girls hate when guys say stuff like, “Girls only like dirtbags. Why don’t they like nice guys, like me?” The equivalent for that, for them, is when girls say things like, “Why are all guys such jerks?” It’s not a fair thing to say at all.

3. Demanding The Royal Treatment

“I expect to be treated like a princess!” Don’t say this. It makes you seem high-maintenance, immature, and unfair. And no one wants to date someone like that.

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4. Saying You Hate Other Girls

When girls say “I’m only friends with guys”. To guys (to anyone actually), a girl saying she hates other girls translates to one thing: drama. If you’re a girl saying you don’t have any other girl friends because girls suck… you’re pretty lame. And you’re probably the problem.

5. Bragging About Being Mean

I’m very naughty/stubborn and proud of it.” Dudes don’t think that acting rude and mean is attractive… no one thinks that’s attractive. Don’t say things like this, because it will only make people think of you in a negative way. Emphasize the amazing things about you instead!

6. Acting Like You Should Get What You Want Because You’re A Girl

I’ve heard girls do this, and I always want to clamp my hand over their mouth to make them stop. Saying stuff like this makes guys feel weak and powerless… and guys hate that. Also, it’s rude.

7. Anything Stereotypical or Sexist

“Girls are MEANT to act like this.” or “Guys are MEANT to do that.” Don’t play into gender roles or say offensive things based on stereotypes. Anyone can do whatever they want to do, regardless if it’s stereotypically male or not.

8. Acting Like Being Smart Is Lame

“I hate reading.” It’s fine if you don’t like reading. Not everyone does, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But for some reason, a lot of people think it’s cool to say things like, “I hate reading! It’s so boring and stupid! Ew learning!” Don’t do this. It makes you seem really immature.

9. Talking About Your Ex

This should be a given. No guy who likes you wants to hear about the people you were with before him, just like you don’t want to hear about the people he was with.