The Puzzle That Most Adults Cannot Solve, But Which Most Children Can!

A simple logic puzzle which can bamboozle a lot of adults has 80% of children solving  it near-instantly.

The puzzle is this – which way is the bus going?

The identical windows at each end of the bus seem to offer no clue as to which direction it’s travelling – but there IS a clue buried in there.

It’s the door! Since there’s no visible entrance, it must mean that the bus must be travelling to the right.

If it was travelling left, you would be able to see the entrance door where passengers climb on.

National Geographic showed off the puzzle as part of its Brain Games TV series on YouTube – and claims that 80% of under-10s got it right instantly.

It’s not clear why youngsters seem to find it easier than adults – but some University of California, Los Angeles research suggests that youngsters are more willing to guess based on incomplete information.

The puzzle has been shared widely this week on social media – as adults struggle to get to grips with it.

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