On Tuesday, June 14, Oracle – a leading business software maker – donated ₦597 million to an earlier ₦40 billion support fund targeted at empowering and engaging girls and women worldwide into studying Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics or STEM.

While the first installation was to encourage young people around the world to study STEM, this second installation will focus specifically on funding programmes that will send 55,000 young girls around the world to various summer computing camps, codefests, workshops and conferences.

The company also expects to expand its computer science efforts in Egypt over the next four years, where it invested ₦200 million in educational resources and services, to recruit more people into tech careers.

In her statement, Oracle’s CEO, Safra Catz said:

We want more girls focused on building upon science and math fundamentals, and we want more women choosing the technical disciplines because they are both prepared to do so and because they believe it will advance their career opportunities.

The reason more tech companies are encouraging people to learn these skills is because of the potential for the creation of more employees to work for tech giants like Facebook, Apple and Google.

Oracle Academy, a computer science educational program, and Burning Glass Technology, an analytics company, recently did research and found that people with programming skills have 50 percent greater access to jobs than average. The reason this is the case is that technology is becoming ever more present in people’s personal and professional lives, thus, creating  a need for computer science learning. 

Whether girl or boy, they want you to consider a career in STEM and make the best use of these opportunities. The question is, would you?