Whatever way you look at it, we are all involved in the business of buying and selling something. Whether it is asking your parents for pocket money, trying to get your siblings to trade something with you, or convincing your friends to buy something you are offering.

This being the case, how can you make them open their wallets to you and walk away feeling satisfied? These five gems tell it all.

1. Treat Them Well And Provide Them With Positive Experiences

One of the best ways to make inroads into a customer’s pocket is to make them feel like both a valued customer and a friend at the same time. If you ensure to provide them with quality product/service and a pleasant experience, not only will they be willing to do business with you, they will also remember how you made them feel and return. It always works!

2. Offer Something Unique

What do you do if your product or service is similar to what others are selling? Jazz it up by making sure you and your business stand out from competitors. Even if your offering isn’t unique, make sure your marketing is! Examples of unique marketing are loyalty offers, Buy One Get One Free, after-sales service, and other such strategies

3. Know Your Market

How would you like to have invested your time, energy and money into a business, only to find out that people do not really need and won’t pay for the service you are offering? That will be just sad, right? So ensure to do your research and know everything that can be known about your industry, so you don’t waste precious funds and time

4. Most People Will See Through Your Gimmick, So Don’t Use It!

You may indicate that “you are the best in town”, “the first among the rest”, “that you offer the cheapest prices”. These may draw customers, but it won’t necessarily make them want to open their wallets. If you want people to give you their business, you must go beyond buzz words and offer them what they wouldn’t get elsewhere – in terms of quality of product and service.

5. Be Assertive In Pushing Your Brand, But Do Not Be Aggressive

It’s good that you want your brand to be in the minds and consciousness of people, yet you do not want to annoy them while doing so. From your own experience with street traders, how do you feel when they keep tugging at your hand and insisting you should see what they are selling, even after you must have told them you weren’t interested? Pretty mad, right?
So, find the right balance, tell them the benefits of your offering, but stop short of annoying them!
In life and business, the sooner you realise people are lead by self-interest and buy only for their own reasons, the more successful you will be.
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