Jaden Smith

I am just like you too. I don’t care to be cool! Because if there’s one thing I have learned and come to know, it is that when you try to be cool, you’re not. It’s when you no longer care about being cool that you reach it. Do you get the gist? Don’t even try to be cool, just live. How?

1. Be Yourself

Being cool is also about being a leader and doing your own thing – not about being a follower. Don’t worry about the people who judge you about your clothing and those that are trying so hard to blend in (these are often the same people). Your own sense of style will attract those who also have their own sense of style. The Fashion Police only exists on TV, and in case they haven’t noticed, this is the real world!

2. Have Fun

Enjoy yourself. Meet people who are interesting and not so stuck up. You could start by joining a couple of school clubs that allow you have a wide variety of interests. Try to join one of every kind of activity: one athletic, one academic, and one artistic. You could be on the football team, on the debate team or science club, and in the choir or art club. Be a bird, spread out your wings, fly!

3. Be Friendly With Everyone

To be friendly is not to have everyone walking all over you. It means that you are genuinely nice to people, because you treat them exactly the way you want to be treated. As humans who just want to be respected. Now that’s not so hard, is it? And don’t we just hate bullies, who care about nobody but themselves. Be friendly to those people that you think aren’t cool. Give them help when you sense they need it. Say hi to them if you know them. You never know – they could be the next cool kid in a few months’ time. Besides, kindness is most always repaid with kindness.

4. Be Confident        

If you’re trying too hard, it’s a turnoff and people will think you are not confident, and that you don’t like yourself. And if you don’t like yourself, why should they? Try your best not to care about what you think other people think of you. Just go with the flow. Why?

Because not everyone is going to like you. No one is liked by everyone because we all have flaws and we all have different personalities. If you know for sure someone is judging you, you can voice it – yes, speak up, call them out – then just act like you don’t care, because you don’t. Practice thinking this way and your confidence will improve because you actually like yourself. People at school will start wondering where you got all this self esteem

5. Maintain Your Personal Style

We’re all different and nobody is necessarily better than anybody else. If someone is judging you, they’re caught up in their small, closed mind. They’re not going anywhere anyway, so don’t get on the friend train with them. Some people are good at excluding others who they feel don’t measure up to them. Phew! that’s their loss, they just missed out on the next best thing since ice cream. Move on like nothing happened, because nothing happened. Look up, dear friend, the sky ain’t falling, and you are still here. What better way to tell them to eat their heart out!

With these few tips, trust me, you will never go wrong. This is from one cool guy to another.

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