There is this oft-repeated saying that “blood is thicker than water” usually used in connection with the bond between family members of the same bloodline. But what about families with adopted children, is the bond between them any less strong?

As an example, let’s say a boy meets a girl whom he likes very much. With time, they get to know each other even better and grow even further in love. They get married, and nurture their love through the years until it becomes something strong, undying, and unbreakable; yet they are able to feel this way even though they are not related by blood!

Doesn’t it become obvious then that what strengthens a bond is not necessarily blood connection? It’s tolerance, respect, and above all loyal love.

See Pictures:


The elder one once said about the little one Don’t worry mom, I’ll protect him And the little one follows and copies the older one as if the sun rises and sets on him, said their mom.

siblings 1

Both boys are adopted, but as their parents say “They are all each other have ever known, and are the definition of brothers in every sense of the word.”


                                                      Two of these three brothers are adopted, but can you tell?


                                         What has blood got to do with it? These siblings seem to be saying


                                                           Can you tell which of these four siblings are adopted?

What do you think? Blood or Love? Share your opinions.

Photo Credits: Huffington Post