What Selena Gomez Recently Said About Justin Bieber

Even though Jelena (portmanteau word for Justin and Selena in case you didn’t know) have gone their separate ways, Selena Gomez still wants to be supportive of her ex, Justin Bieber, at least according to Hollywood Life.

Sources claim that Selena allegedly reached out to Justin’s mom after he got upset with fans and walked out of his live show  last week. Selena is reportedly worried that Justin’s upcoming album release is really taking a toll on him.

The source alleges that:

Selena reached out to his mom and left him a message letting him know she’s only a phone call away. She thinks the pressure of the new album is getting to him and wants to reassure him that his true success as a human being is not dependent on the success of his album.

 The source further added that:
She wishes someone was with him to help him get some perspective, and that she knows how much this album means to him, but thinks he’s putting way too much pressure on himself with such black-and-white thinking that this is either a fresh start or the end of his career.

We don’t think Justin has anything to worry about. ​Purpose​, which is coming out on November 13, is sure to be a major hit! And it’s obvious that Selena is such a good girl and a great friend to have. Isn’t that why we just love her?

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