Everyone likes the freedom and independence that having your own money brings, teenagers inclusive. But to earn money – or extra money – requires that one work for it.

Given your limited educational qualifications, what are some jobs you can do that will earn you some quid? Let’s have a look.

1. Store Stocker and Cashier

Some companies are willing to trust teenagers with cashier duties. These types of jobs can be found at neighbourhood stores, and large supermarkets like Shoprite, Justrite, Addide or at mall stores. You should be comfortable with basic Maths before applying to smaller stores who do not have cash registers like the bigger ones.

Even if cashier positions are not given out to teens, stocker positions may be available. This will normally involve keeping inventory, and stocking the shelves.

2. Restaurant Cashier/Waiter

At restaurants like KFC, Sweet Sensation, the Baked Goods section of Shoprite, and other such establishments; you can work as a cashier or food preparer.  Sometimes, a teenager can become a waiter or waitress; but at other times, you need to be a few years older to get these jobs.

3. Small Business Worker

For those who want to know how businesses really work, consider helping a small business owner like a water packing factory, poultry, fashion house, patisserie etc. The advantage of working at a small company is that you may have a greater variety of job duties and opportunities to learn while earning money. Earning the trust and respect of the owner can lead to more responsibilities and opportunities over time.

Search for local companies to find potential opportunities. Using word of mouth may also alert you to job opportunities in town.

4. Tutoring Services

If you are a good student who enjoys helping people, you might be able to make some money as a tutor. The most common subjects teens need help with are Maths, Science, and English. Be sure to screen your clients – your parents may need to help you make sure that potential clients are who they say they are.

5. Car Washer

Washing cars is another one for teenagers. Let everyone in your neighborhood know that you are willing and able to wash cars year round to earn some extra money.

6. Web or Graphic Designer

If you are already spending every free moment on your computer, why not turn your skills into money? Many companies and individuals have a need to create or enhance their websites. Start by creating your own website to advertise your skills. Then, whenever you come across a website that could use your services, make contact and sell yourself and your ideas.

7. Blogger/Writer

If you have a way with words and are knowledgeable about a topic – bead-making, patisserie,make up, phones and electronic gadgets etc -, you can make money blogging or writing. Consider joining a blogging network that will offer a guaranteed sum per post or a share of advertising revenue.

If you prefer to have more control and earn all the advertising revenue, then create your own blog on Blogger.com or WordPress.com and work for yourself. You can sign up for Adsense or promote products on your site. You may have to have your parent sign up for the advertising accounts if you are not yet 18. Another medium is uploading relevant and informative videos to a Youtube Channel.

Just be sure to review the guidelines closely before you join any of these platorms, as some require contributors to be 18 years of age or older (very rarely).

This is not by any means an exhaustive list;  hence, if you have some more interesting and lucrative ideas up your sleeves, feel free to share in the Comments.