The rapports that you create with your teachers can greatly influence your school experience. To ensure that the relationships you have with your teachers are the best they can be, try to understand these six things teachers want from you, but won’t necessarily say them to you:

1. I show up to class. I want you to show up too. It shows me that you believe I have something important to add beyond what is simply printed in the textbook. When you skip class, I think you don’t appreciate my added value.

2. I like students who are clearly prepared. Showing up is great, but showing up prepared is even better. The teacher can’t know you’re prepared for class if you don’t show her, so find a way to participate in class to let her know you’re prepared.

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3. I favour students who are interested in my class. I can’t always tell if a student likes my class especially if it’s a large lecture class, or if you are one of the more quiet students. So if you like my class, let me know. You could come by my office hours, or stay after class and talk to me. Let me know what you like about the class.

4. I enjoy helping students. I am usually more than happy to help a student who asks for my help. Whether you’re struggling in the class, or any other academic related issue, I’m eager to help a student who has made a sincere effort in my class and asks for my help. I teach because I want to make an impact in a student’s life.

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5. I can’t know what you don’t tell me. I form most of my opinions about students based on their behaviours. If you skip class often, and don’t come talk to me about why, I’ll probably assume you are disinterested in my class and lazy. That assumption could negatively impact your final grade even if you are completing the required assignments.

6. I chose to be a teacher. It is my life’s work, or at a minimum, my choice for what I am doing with my career at this phase of it. While class may be a “requirement” to you, it is my chosen field, so I won’t want you joking with my work.