Are you a gamehead? Then, you must totally play this new game from Plarium. It’s called Nords, Heroes of the North. Let’s check the specs, and find out if it’s really worth your time.

The Storyline

After the return of the Ice Queen, the various races had no choice but to come together and elect one woefully under-qualified leader – King Bjorn. As one of his Lord Marshals, you are responsible for building and governing your own Stronghold, complete with a mixed population of elves, orcs, Norsemen, and dragons – none of whom like each other. To prosper in the hostile conditions of never ending winter, you’ll need to produce resources, construct buildings and fortifications, and train your own army within your Stronghold.

Your neighbors will be doing the same thing – try to stay a step ahead of them, and be ready to fend off their raid attempts! Sounding interesting huh?

Why You Must Absolutely Play

As Lord Marshal of your own stronghold, you can train over 30 battle-ready units from four factions (Northmen, Orcs, Elves and Dragons) for combat. You can also use the “Choose Your Hero” feature, which lets you choose an ultimate Orcish, Elven or Viking Northman warrior to lead your army into battle. Choosing your faction will determine how your Stronghold and environment will look to you and other players. New battle animations allow players to see and hear the action during combat.

It  can be played on mobile devices, on social networks and in browsers easily! Players can check in on their Stronghold anywhere, anytime, on any device!

What Do I Need to Play the Game?

Not much! All you need is a working internet connection and an internet browser equipped with the latest version of Flash Player. Nords: Heroes of the North can also be played on or Simply search the Apps section for Nords: Heroes of the North and get started today! But for the ultimate gaming experience, play the game on your browser ( trust me, it’s better than ice-cream, well almost!)

How Much Does it Cost?

Absolutely nothing! Nords: Heroes of the North is free to play! There are, however, paid options in the game if you wish to give yourself an advantage over your competitors. You can buy Emeralds at the in-game bank which can be used to give you a variety of in-game benefits.

If you don’t want to spend any money, Emeralds can be earned in-game for free by completing various in-game tasks – even simple ones like just playing the game 5 days in a row!

How do I Get Started?

Don’t worry! As a new player, you will be under the guidance of King Björn the Awesome, and Skald the Bard. Together, they will walk you through the initial stages of the game in a set of tutorial missions. By the end of the tutorial, you should be fully acquainted with how to play, including building and upgrading your city, amassing resources by any means necessary,™™™ and even the best ways to use your army. Completing the tutorial will not only show you everything you need to be successful, it will also grant you many extra troops and free Emeralds to spend as you wish.

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Happy gaming!