Infernal (Adjective)

Very bad and unpleasant

Example: The whole class was punished – six strokes each! – for what the teacher called “noise of an infernal degree”.

Decrepit (Adjective)

Old and in bad condition because of age or poor health

Example: It’s one thing to live long, but it’s quite another to live for so long that one becomes decrepit!

Dillydally (Verb)

To waste time by loitering and delaying

Example: “Don’t dillydally young man! Get up and get on with your chores already.” said Lanre’s father to him.

Commute (Verb)

(1) To give in exchange for another; (2) to travel back and forth regularly; (3)  to change (a penalty) to another less severe

Example: (3) In celebration of Independence, the governor commuted the death sentence of 5 prisoners to life imprisonment.

Defunct (Adjective)

No longer living, existing, or functioning

Example: The factory used to employ hundreds of workers before it became defunct due to many years of mismanagement.

Renege (Verb)

To go back on a promise or commitment

Example: I don’t think I can trust Mercy ever again. It’s been nine months since she reneged on her promise to pay back the loan.

Overt (Adjective)

Easily seen; not secret or hidden

Example: Anita’s dislike of Jim is rather overt. Even if she feels that way, she shouldn’t make it so obvious for everyone to see.

Respite (Noun)

(1) a short delay; (2) a period of rest or relief from something difficult or unpleasant

Example: (2) The doctor added more morphine to his IV drip in a bid to offer him some respite from the agonising pain.

Rescind (Verb)

To end (a law, contract, agreement, etc.) officially; to say officially that (something) is no longer valid

Example: The expelled student’s parents came to school to plead with the principal to rescind her decision.

Jejune (Adjective)

Naive and too simple; dry and uninteresting

Example: For a university graduate, his thought process as expressed in the essay was rather jejune.

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