Of course, your backpack contributes to your cool factor in school. But what should you consider before getting one? Should you just get one for the sake of fashion? Because you need enough space for your school books? Or should you get one that does not affect your health and posture negatively?

Truth is all three factors are equally important, so, we have compiled a list of what you should consider before picking up that backpack or school bag. Note the words in bold italics.

  1. Avoid the temptation to buy a bacYour Backpack Can Affect Your Health! Here Are Some Things To Considerkpack just because it features a beloved cartoon character, or a bag that you will have to grow into (we are talking over-sized bags here). That probably just means it’s too big, and too easy to overfill.
  2. Instead, look for a backpack made of lightweight material with two fully padded straps and a padded back. It should fit below the shoulder blades and stop at the waist.
  3. For older students, hip straps can help keep it in place. It doesn’t need to have a lot of compartments, perhaps with a side pocket for a water bottle, as many young people carry them in school.
  4. When packing the bag, get in the habit of putting the heaviest items closest to your back. Look for other ways to lighten the load; like soft lunch containers and lightweight water bottles. For young people who carry large musical instruments, or awkward sports equipment. You may want to consider looking for cases or carts that move on wheels, instead of including them in your backpack.
  5. Slip both straps on, rather than slinging a strap over one shoulder. Both shoulders should bear the weight equally, but when you sling it across only one shoulder, you are making it bear the whole weight. This is not good for your back as it could cause back aches.
  6. Always ask yourself before leaving home: Do I need to take along that English book even when I don’t have English today? Would it make better sense to have small note books for each of the subjects, instead of those really heavy note books?

Yes, getting an education is good, and it is terrific that you are involved and enthusiastic. But it should never be at the cost of your health or posture!

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