A lot of students walk to and from school, while some others take some other form of transportation and walk the rest of the way. Whatever your situation, how can you ensure that your walk to and from school is safe and without incidence? Consider thus:

1. Walk In Groups  

Walk with at least one friend on the way to school. Not only is it a smart move in terms of security, it will also provide a social time to bond with your friends when you walk in a group to school.

2. Wear Bright Colours and Reflective Clothing

Though your school uniform may not be bright, and school rules may not permit you to wear mufti on your uniform; you can wear reflective bracelets on your wrists. The importance that wearing a reflective article of clothing provides is that it makes you easily visible to drivers and may help your commute to and from school safer. 

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3. Identify a Safe Route To School

Always stick to sidewalks, even as you stay away from busy routes that would require you to cross busy streets. You may also fancy shortcuts because they reduce your travel time; while this is fine, make sure they are not too quiet and devoid of people. If you feel a shortcut is unsafe, listen to your guts and steer clear. Better to be late, than sorry!

4. Ask For Help When You Need It

If you are uncertain about crossing a busy street, walk up to a traffic warden for help in this regard. And if there are no traffic wardens at that spot, ensure to look Left, Right, then Left and be sure the nearest car to you is several metres away before you cross.

5. Always Report Unsafe Situations

Are there bullies, unsafe acting adults, and road hazards on your route to and from school? Ensure to inform your parents or guardians who will then proceed to help you deal with the situation. They can stop the bully by intervening and reporting to the school, notify the appropriate agency about potentially dangerous people before an incident occurs, or tell you what safety precautions you should take.

We hope that with these tips, your commute to and from school will be much safer.

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