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8 Unbelievable Facts About Your Lips

What is there to say about lips? They're essential equipment for eating and speaking, of course. And whistling. And kissing. And we'd look pretty silly without them, wouldn't we? But if you think that's all there is to say--and know--about human lips, you're in for a big surprise. Just take a look at our list [...]

Important Everyday Abbreviations You Should Know

An abbreviation is an easier and short way of writing a word or phrase. It may consist of one or more letters. There are dozens of abbreviations which we use on daily basis but very less people know their actual meanings. In this post, I've tried to list all those abbreviations which we use almost [...]

10 Ways To Prevent Your Phone Battery From Going Flat

One of the biggest issues facing smartphone manufacturers is battery life. While software and computer chips get faster and more powerful, the technology in batteries lags far behind. As a result, batteries struggle to supply the power needed to run all the complex operations that smartphones require. Manufacturers claim that they are mindful of power [...]

How watching pornography really does affect your BRAIN

Pornography offers the chance to explore your sexual fantasies. But while X-rated films can boost your libido, it can have a sinister effect on the brain, scientists have revealed. From releasing mood-boosting hormones to triggering addictive tendencies, porn can have a sinister effect on our brains. A slew of studies show excessive watching of pornography [...]

Grammar Clinic: The REAL difference between ALTOGETHER and ALL TOGETHER

The terms all together and altogether can be confusing in English. When we’re speaking, you can’t tell the difference between these words. But what happens when you write them down? You need to know the differences between these two words, so keep reading to learn more! All together means everyone or everything together. It’s time [...]

Good writer? Win £5000 in the ongoing Commonwealth Short Story Competition

If you've got creative writing skills, this is for you! The 2016 Commonwealth Short Story contest is ongoing. The Commonwealth Short Story Prize brings stories from new and emerging voices, often from countries with little or no publishing infrastructure, to the attention of an international audience. Winners will be selected from five different commonwealth regions, [...]

Teens Only: Here’s your chance to win a smartphone on Passnownow.com

How would you like to win a Phone/Tablet every month just for studying? Cool, right? You can be a winner, no string attached! All you need to do is to top Passnownow.com Leaderboard at the end of the month. Passnownow.com Leaderboard is a reward system that ranks and compensates users for their time spent on [...]

Grammar Clinic: The REAL difference between SAVE and SAFE

These are two words students think can be interchanged, but they are totally different words with different meanings. SAVE [seiv] 1. As a verb, save means to stop something from being killed, injured or destroyed. It also means to avoid the spending, consumption, or waste of; Examples: The use of seat belt has saved many [...]

Girl Talk: 7 Signs A Guy Is Taking Advantage Of You

There is nothing wrong in showing 'so much' affection to someone, and sometimes, compromising on your standards so as to make the person feel happy. However, it becomes a problem when that person is taking advantage of you. It can be hard to recognise when someone is taking advantage of you, especially when that someone [...]

Quiz of The Day: Think you know your maths? Try this

Find the missing number following the sequence. Tell us your answer in the comment section below.

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