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NYSC: Corper members receive N33, 000 March allowance

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has started paying the sum of N33,000 to all corps members being the allowance for the month of March amid the outbreak of the global pandemic called COVID-19. The information was disclosed on the scheme's information page on Facebook on Tuesday, March 31. Corps members who have not yet [...]

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How to Reprint JAMB 2020 Exam Slip

JAMB has officially announced the reprinting of 2020 JAMB Exam Slip to commence on March 7th, 2020, which is one week before the examination (March 14th). The JAMB slip reprint is purposed to give full details of time of examination, date of examination, seat number and the examination centre of each candidates. There are two [...]

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5 Crucial Benefits of Study Group

There are lot of benefits that one can get from participating in a study group. It is said that no one is an island of knowledge just as a similar saying has it that iron sharpens iron. When you think that you know it all, there’s always someone else with a better understanding. Below are [...]

8 Trends in Education Technology That Will Have A Major Impact in 2020

The last few years have witnessed a dramatic change in the learning model. The way students are being taught today is very different from the teaching methods that were adopted a few decades back. Technology has brought about various changes in the way education is delivered and received. From self-learning to flipped classroom approach, we [...]

Centering Dialogue in the Classroom: It’s about WE, not ME!

Given the current political climate marked by an increase in school-based hate crimes, engaging students in authentic conversations related to the social, cultural or political—without fear of alienating those who hold different opinions and ultimately compromising curiosity, openness, and critical thinking—can seem like a near-impossible task. Further, educators often express a lack of pedagogical confidence to effectively [...]

The New Superpower

Share everything. That was Robert Fulghum’s first lesson in Kindergarten. It turns out that learning to share will be even more important than Fulghum thought. How we share will shape the next 50 years of human existence. Production has been the focus of modern economies. We’ve reached the point where we’re good enough at production to feed, clothe, [...]

Deciding Which School is Right for Your Child

  In today’s world of standardized tests, we have an abundance of data available about our children. While all standardized tests are not equivalent and some reveal much more about our children’s capabilities than others, parents today have more information about their children than ever before. As beneficial as such information can be, it also [...]

Enhancing Student Learning: Seven Principles for Good Practice

  The Seven Principles Resource Center The following principles are anchored in extensive research about teaching, learning, and the college experience. 1. Good Practice Encourages Student – Instructor Contact Frequent student – instructor contact in and out of classes is an important factor in student motivation and involvement. Instructor concern helps students get through rough times [...]

How to get teachers on board with EdTech

We’ve all heard about veteran educators who have been teaching the same way for years and are reluctant to integrate technology into their practice. Why should they? It’s scary to try something new, especially in front of a class of kids who seem to already be tech experts.  Here are four ways to make adapting [...]

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FCT UBEB chairman promises quality education

Chairman of the FCT Universal Basic Education Board (UBEB), Dr. Kabir Ibrahim Matazu, has assured residents of quality primary education for all children. He gave the assurance during a three-day workshop for supervisory project coordinators (SPCs) and project coordinators (PCs) of the Physical Planning And Project Monitoring Department of the board which was organised last [...]

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