“A mathematician has created a teaching method that’s proving there’s no such thing as a bad math student”

Math is a notoriously hard subject for many kids and adults. There is a gender gap, a race gap, and just generally bad performance in many countries.

John Mighton, a Canadian playwright, author, and math tutor who struggled with math himself, has designed a teaching program that has some of the worst-performing […]

How the atmosphere at homes affect Teens’ learning and Academic Performance

The academic performance of students has a lot to do with the situations in their homes just as much as it has to do with their ability to study hard. After all, the homes are where they live, spend a great number of hours every day and have the most factors influencing them. […]

Is Competition good or bad for Teens?

In life, competition is rife; no doubt. But most of the time, we find ourselves competing not necessary because we want to (unless it is in sports or any such related competitions), but because we have to. In order to get ahead in life, we must indeed complete. Therefore, the question of whether […]

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The real Difference between Teens who perform well in Maths and those who fail it

Some students believe they are not just cut out to be Mathematical geniuses. They believe that they do not have what it takes to be able to solve those equations; because it is not in their genes. They proudly tell you “I’m just not a maths person” just as they also tell you […]

Parents! What are the Secrets to raising super smart and successful Teens?

While parenting may be a natural instinct, the truth remains that any parent who truly wishes to train their children well and prepare them for future success must be continuously open to learning a number of new ways of raising children. This is necessary, especially considering that nobody knows everything. Moreover, people are constantly […]

Teens! Protect yourselves from Mosquito Bites and Malaria

We all hate everything about it- its annoying sound and that moment it actually bites us, sucks our blood and infects us with malaria. Mosquitoes! Undoubtedly one of the world’s most hated insects. But no matter how we all try to avoid it, it seems to get ever closer, posing serious dangers to […]

Different types of Occupation: What every Teen should know

The word “occupation” has several meanings, one of which is a person’s livelihood; that regular activity which a person performs for pay. There are several types of occupation in the world today; too numerous to even mention. And the simple truth is that in order to be successful in life, everyone must be […]

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Here us every Reason why no Teen should be pressured into having Sex this coming Valentine

February 14 is one notorious day known for unlimited amorousness. It is also the day when so many teenagers (especially girls) come under the pressure to show love by way of having sex; usually for the first time. Well I am here to tell you every reason you do not need to have […]

Characteristics of passionate Teens

Passion is one thing that pushes humans towards accomplishing incredible feats. Just a quick look at the lives of some successful people would reveal that they are very passionate. Now I do understand that passion can also make people do stupid and unreasonable things. But for the purpose of this article, I am […]

How best can Teachers and Parents Get Students to actually love Maths?

As I have pointed out more than once on this platform, Mathematics is the most hated subject in schools. First of all it is abstract and therefore difficult to comprehend, especially when you have not quite opened your mind to understanding it. Moreover, most students constantly wonder why they even need to bother […]

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