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Nice Guy Syndrome: Are you a ‘Mr. Nice Guy’?

In the book titled, No More Mr. Nice Guy by Dr. Robert Glover, he provided a non-cursory explanation on this subject of discourse. He described the “Nice Guy Syndrome” as a set of personality, attitude, and behavioural traits which provides a template for a Nice Guy to take a passive approach to life and relationships, instead of [...]

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TEENS, Check Out 4 Tips to build Assertiveness!

It’s been observed that teens lack assertiveness and this could inadvertently have adverse consequences in many areas of their life. There is a high probability that they might have trouble making friends, asking the opposite sex out on dates, communicating their needs in different situations, standing up for themselves during arguments or asking questions in [...]

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Why I Really Need To Be Assertive As A Teenager.

Many adults wonder when they see traces of assertiveness in their young girls and boys, they interpret their  assertiveness as being rude or a sign of disrespect, Hell No! It is not so. Assertiveness means standing up for your personal rights, ability to express thoughts, feelings and beliefs in honest and appropriate ways. Assertiveness is [...]