SS3 English Language: Revision on finite and non-finite clauses

Grammatical Structures: Revision on finite and non-finite clauses Skill Focus: Avoiding Common errors Vocabulary Development: Register of Science  Grammatical Structures: Revision on finite and non-finite clauses What is the structure of the following sentence? Deterred by the lack of future job prospects, many Nigerian secondary school students avoid science subjects. The sentence contains two clauses, [...]

JSS1 Physical Health Third Term: Marathon for Men at Olympics

TOPIC : Marathon for Men at Olympics Content Marathon for Men at Olympics: The marathon is a running event of the length of 42.195 kilometer or 26 mile 385 yards. The event is generally considered to be the road event. The name of the event has been derived from the legend of Pheidippides of Greece. [...]

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JSS1 Home Economics Third Term: Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Home Economics JSS1 Week 6 Topic: SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES Contents: Sexually Transmitted Diseases Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome Self Medication A. SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Venereal Diseases are  illnesses spread from one person to another through sexual contact. TYPES OF SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES 1. Gonorrhea - Is caused by the bacterium Neisseria gonorrhea. Symptoms includes Itching [...]

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JSS2 Basic Technology Third Term – Transmission of Electricity

JSS 2 BASIC TECH THIRD TERM Week 6 Topic: TRANSMISSION OF ELECTRICITY INTRODUCTION When electricity is supplied to various consumers, e.g. domestic and industrial premises, it is said to be distributed. All distribution in Nigeria are carried out with Alternating Current (AC) system. The following (AC) supply systems are available by the Power Holding [...]

Introduction to How the Internet Works

Introduction to how the Internet Works On the internet, data and information are transferred world wide through the servers and clients (which are computers) connected to the internet. The computers which are responsible for management of resources i.e program and data on a network, by providing a centralized storage area, is called a SERVER. The [...]

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Nigeria Police and Schools to Partner on Safety Initiative

In light of the incessant kidnappings of students reported in different parts of the country, the Police Command in Enugu State is set to partner with stakeholders to implement the Federal Government’s Safe School Initiative in primary and secondary schools. According to the News Agency of Nigeria, this disclosure was made today in Enugu State [...]

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Davido Set to Move to new Mansion!

Goodness and mercies seem to be trailing Davido everywhere he goes these days. It was just a few months ago when the news was about his father signing a multi-million naira contract. And then last week, his latest baby mama [Imade] birthed his second daughter. Today, the good news is that the If singer is [...]

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Government Declares Commitment to better Remuneration of Teachers

In no distant future, it will not be impossible to see public school teachers earning reasonably higher salaries than they currently earn. This is according to a revelation made yesterday by Nigeria’s Minister of Education Mr Adamu Adamu. The Guardian Nigeria reports that the Minister made this disclosure while inaugurating the Governing Councils of twenty [...]

Militants Kidnap 6 Students from Lagos School barely a Year after Kidnapping another Six from same School in 2016

An unknown gang of militants yesterday kidnapped six male students of Lagos State Model College at Igbonle, Epe in what most people are characterising as a reminiscent occurrence. It is being reported that the kidnappers earlier wrote the school management earlier in the week to inform them of the impending strike.  Unfortunately, nothing concrete was [...]

Attention Over-protective Parents Here are the Side Effects of your parenting Style

Parents are naturally over-protective. However, some do take their over-protectiveness some extra miles, inadvertently infantilizing their children in the process. This they do despite their teenagers’ best efforts to assert their independence.  Truth is, most over-protective parents think they are actually doing the right thing for their children; keeping them safe from the world and [...]

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