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How To Improve Your English Vocabulary As a Student

Vocabulary is a key component of effective communication. Whether you are writing or speaking, having a strong command of vocabulary allows you to express exactly what you mean in the way you want to be understood. As a student, your vocabulary is one of the most powerful tools you have. It gives you a better [...]

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E-Learning: Reasons Why It Is The Future Of Education

It's hard to imagine what the future of education will look like, but you can bet it will be tech-based. E-learning is one of those trends that has been gradually gaining traction for the past several years, but now it seems like it's finally started to hit its stride. Every day more educational institutions and [...]

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10 Areas Of Concentration For English Language Exam In WAEC And NECO

English language is one of the most important subjects every student must pass in any type of examination. In Nigeria, WAEC and NECO are two leading examination bodies that conduct senior school certificate examinations. WAEC stands for West Africa Examination Council, the examination body is responsible for conducting exams in west Africa. while NECO National [...]

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10 Ways To Conquer JAMB Exam Anxiety

For every science student at my time, the respect and fear of the Ababio Chemistry textbook was the beginning of wisdom, SS1 syllabus was a joke, SS3 syllabus was also a big fat joke but you see that SS2 chemistry syllabus? Phew! Run O! Mad O! as we like to say it in Nigeria! It [...]

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A Utopia Where Kids With Cerebral Palsy(CP) Can Get the Best Education

There is a lot of Myth surrounding the learning ability of kids with CP, the general belief is that kids with CP always have learning problems but that is absolutely false just like the brilliant kid Adebolu Adejobi proved after scoring highest in the just-released 2021 West African Examination Council Exams. He took that exam [...]

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Effective Methods Of Self- Study For Students

Self-study is the process of studying without the supervision of teachers and parents. A self-study process has a lot of benefits on the development of a child academics. With the growing rate of technology, students can study without the supervision of anyone. A child can complement the formal education of schooling to learn with self-study [...]

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How To Help Your Child Develop A Saving Habit

The growing importance of having a good saving habit is one thing every child must possess. As parents, you need to know that no child is too small to start saving, so you can train your child about developing a saving culture. Merriam Webster dictionary defines saving as the act or an instance of economizing [...]

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The purpose of the Essay scholarship competition hosted by the United Bank for Africa (U.B.A) foundation is to promote a reading culture and encourage healthy and intellectual competition among secondary school students in Nigeria. The registration for the eleventh edition is ongoing. The essays are usually handwritten and submitted to the U.B.A office to be [...]

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